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Over 45 years of excellence (since 1976)
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Bison Pulp & Paper Limited was founded by Les Bidewell and Lionel Robinson in 1976 as an international paper agency importing paper from around the world, representing in the UK paper mills based in Brazil, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Germany and France.

In the late 80’s BISON added print management to its services, evolving from a paper supplier to a paper & print broker. This meant we were able to offer solutions and add value for our clients rather than simply selling a product, something our customers greatly appreciated. For instance we were an approved supplier to Pearson PLC of paper and print for their World famous Longman dictionaries.

BISON has always been a flexible organisation, something that is clear to see in our long history. Most importantly we have developed into our current existence by responding to our client’s needs.

Adapting and evolving from our initial setup as international paper agents to print and stationery facilitators through to producers of innovative & bespoke printed graphics that BISON is renowned for today.

Over 40 years after its birth the firm remains a family business now run by Managing Director, Mark Bidewell. BISON is made up of a team of experts who work effortlessly to create the tools and deliverables that help our clients achieve success throughout the UK.

It is because of our journey that we have unsurpassed knowledge and experience to offer a unique and individualised service to each of our clients.

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