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For a futuristic, sleek alternative to standard wall graphics, explore BISON’s wide range of unique magnetic walls.

Enjoy regularly refreshing your wall displays with our iconic magnetic wall graphic solutions. Easily replaceable and mess-free, our graphics can be swapped out without disruption or the need of a professional fitter thanks to our magnetic walls.

The magnetic sheet for walls takes just minutes to swap over in line with any advertising changes to your brand and is also ideal for high coverage areas.

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Experience the BISON difference

BISON is more than just a printing company. Committed to making an environmental difference with every product we print, BISON uses sustainable printing solutions and eco-friendly printing techniques to ensure that each product is high-impact without impacting the planet.

What’s more, the old magnetic graphics can be rolled up, stored, and reused again at a later date, with no compromise to quality.

How do magnetic walls work?

BISON’s bespoke magnetic graphics can be installed in just 3 simple steps:

Part 1:
The desired wall space is quickly covered in self-adhesive magnetic vinyl media.

Part 2:
BISON then prints your graphics on specialist white polyester that contains metal fibres. The fibres in the graphics are what allow it to stick to the magnetic wall without peeling off.

Part 3:

The graphics containing metal fibres (and the accompanying magnetic vinyl) are then shipped to your store/outlets for your staff to fit easily, without mess or disruption.

Our magnetic walls can hold up to three layers of magnetic graphics, meaning you can be even more creative with this unique solution.

Magnetic graphics also make for great interchangeable signage – proving especially useful for doctors surgery door signs and in reception areas.

Bespoke Printed Graphic Solutions Bespoke Printed Graphic Solutions Bespoke Printed Graphic Solutions