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What is brick wrap printing?

If you’re looking to optimise your wall space and make a statement for your brand, look no further than BISON’s brick vinyl printing.

A unique print advertising solution, brick wrap is a quality vinyl material that adheres to concrete and brick surfaces seamlessly to achieve high-impact brand promotion almost anywhere. Our photo-quality wrap is specially designed for both indoor and outdoor direct application onto bricks and concrete. It is a white gloss, PVC film which is ideal for large-scale application on rough surfaces.

Why try BISON’s brick vinyl printing solutions?

Brick wall logos stand out from the crowd. As a specialist printing technique, brick wrap is a look that not every brand has access to. It can be applied in drops, like wallpaper, to cover large areas, or contour-cut to specific shapes and letters to be either randomly or strategically placed.

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Experience the BISON difference

Here at BISON, our products are not only of the highest quality, but they are sustainable and kind to the planet too.

Ensuring zero waste to landfills and using exclusively vegan inks in our brick vinyl printing methods, our designs not only look good but do good too. 

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