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A message from Bruno

Hi, I’m Bruno Bisophant.

I love my planet and I love my fellow Bison grass-grazers. I was born a little grey elephant, but I wanted to stand out from the crowd and make a noise about protecting our planet.

I knew that BISON specialise in helping individuals and business stand out and get noticed so I asked them to help.

I’m so happy with my bold, bright looks and my shiny Bison horns! Look out for me in the community as I help spread the word to be kind to animals and our planet – you can’t miss me!

See you soon,
Bruno x

We're gonna talk
about Bruno

Bruno was one of the 81 elephants which raised £312,750 as part of The Heart Of Kent 9 week Elmer Trail.

Since then, Bruno has found a new home at BISON HQ and has followed his dream – to go protect animals and march to protect our planet.

Different is good, different gets noticed – he is the Bisophant who catches people’s attention and helps to guide the conversation in how to look after our planet and reduce pain and suffering to animals in a fun and engaging way.

Bruno’s new family, BISON®, is a Creative Design, Print and Signage company that specialise in helping people and businesses stand out in crowded market space.

Have you seen bruno out and about?

As part of Bruno’s march he has toured many different locations around Kent, London and now afar. This has included nurseries, schools, shopping events, conferences, exhibitions and charitable events

If you see him on the road, make sure to grab a picture with him and use the hashtag #brunobisophant

Want to know more?

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(all money raised goes towards conversation and sustainability


To read the BISON Climate Justice mission visit the BISON Planet page!

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