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Print is reclaiming its place at the top table of media – fuelled by its creative power

When thinking ahead to 2019, BISON MD, Mark Bidewell, asked an expert about the outlook for print-based marketing.  Peter Williams, Corporate Vice President of Commercial Printing and Industrial Printing Business Group, Ricoh Company Limited – the Japanese multinational with a reputation for technology innovation in the workplace and pioneers of the world’s first high-speed fax machine – told Mark this:  

“Print is thriving and it is enjoying a resurgence across all market sectors thanks to a number of drivers.

Firstly, according to Print Power statistics, campaigns that include print are 67% more effective at delivering new customers. In direct mail, a combination of highly targeted content and visually stimulating imagery, has created some exciting opportunities. Royal Mail figures state that 92% of direct mail is opened, with 48% of British adults taking some kind of action. Marketers and agency planners are increasingly aware of the power of print and building it into their multichannel campaigns.

Secondly, global marketers are under increasing pressure to deliver business growth, ensure strong brand management and develop the overall customer experience (according to the findings of the Dentsu Aegis CMO Survey 2018). And print delivers against those objectives.

Thirdly, print is engaging in a measurable way with Two Sides reporting that 84% of people say they retain information better when they are reading it in print.

Critical role

Print has a critical role in helping brand owners and agencies with accurate targeting and creative ideas.

By collaborating with dynamic print-service providers, agencies can execute tailored print campaigns. They can harness drilled-down data to reach the right recipient at the right time with targeted information. They can deliver measurability, create bespoke content, support advertising automation and meet budget requirements.

To demonstrate print’s contribution, Radiocenter, Ubiquity, 2017 figures place newspapers, magazines and direct mail third, fourth and sixth respectively for return on investment. 

Finding the best approach can be complicated by the rapidly evolving choices designed to help get these messages across. One rising trend is automated marketing. But the magic ingredient of creativity – the spark that captures the imagination – can be overlooked in the rush to build and sustain automated marketing campaigns.

Digital print can play a key role in balancing automation with creativity; one such way is to use a sensory media experience using special creative papers, white and neon toner, metallic substrates and synthetics. The results engage emotionally with consumers, add impact and create differentiation. The ability to transform is igniting a newfound passion for print and opening up new worlds of possibilities.” 


A huge thank you to Peter Williams for sharing RICOH’s insight with Mark. Don’t miss our further articles on how print marketing leads to business growth.

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