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Luxury Sustainable Travel Brand Enhancement: A Case Study with eVenta

In the world of luxury sustainable travel, eVenta stands out as a brand that combines effortless comfort and style with a commitment to protecting the environment through their fully electric fleet. When eVenta’s director, Murray Hodgson, sought a partner who shared their sustainable ethos and could deliver high-quality printed assets, sustainability award-winning BISON emerged as the perfect choice. This case study delves into the collaboration between eVenta and BISON, highlighting the successful implementation of creative design signage and vehicle graphics.


Delivering Exquisite Printed Assets

To elevate eVenta’s brand presence and create a lasting impression, BISON provided a range of printed assets tailored to their luxury sustainable travel brand.

Cut Contour Metallic Silver Vehicle Decals

BISON designed and produced stunning cut contour metallic silver vehicle decals that added a touch of sophistication to eVenta’s fleet. The team installed the vehicle graphics, ensuring a flawless and professional finish. The understated yet impactful design of the graphics perfectly aligned with eVenta’s brand image, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of their fleet.



Short-Run Bespoke Cut Flyer with Silver Foil

Understanding the importance of tangible marketing materials, BISON crafted a short-run bespoke cut flyer featuring silver foil accents. This attention to detail enhanced the luxurious feel of the flyers, leaving a lasting impression on recipients and further solidifying eVenta’s brand identity.



Brand Guardianship

Recognising the significance of consistent branding, BISON took on the role of brand guardians for eVenta. This involved maintaining brand integrity across all printed assets, ensuring a cohesive and recognisable identity for the luxury sustainable travel brand.




To further enhance eVenta’s brand messaging, BISON’s skilled copywriters crafted compelling and persuasive content that resonated with their target audience. The carefully crafted copy effectively conveyed the unique selling points and values of eVenta’s services.



What they said

Murray Hodgson, Director of eVenta, expressed his satisfaction with BISON’s services and their shared commitment to sustainability. He noted, BISON grabbed my attention through their direct mail. After making initial contact, I realised they’re very experienced in what they do. I found their team very insightful, professional, and their green ethos matches mine.”

Murray further emphasised the importance of physical marketing materials, stating, “Everything is digital now – if you want to stand out, you need to do something that is tangible. My service is luxury and high-end, and I needed printed material that reflected this – what I’ve ended up with is something that is unique to my business and exudes class.”



The collaboration between eVenta and BISON exemplifies the power of creative design signage and Mercedes vehicle graphics in promoting a luxury sustainable travel brand. By leveraging BISON’s expertise in sustainable printing and their commitment to quality, eVenta successfully enhanced their brand identity and created a lasting impression on their target audience.

To elevate your brand’s presence and embrace sustainable printing, contact BISON today at 01622 677 541. Experience the transformative power of luxury printed assets for your business.


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