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Five ideas for welcome packs that will improve customer retention

Loyal customers spend 67% more than new ones*

And, if they’re to become loyal, and more valuable, customers need great experiences.  What better time to start building a strong relationship and cultivating loyalty than when you’re welcoming customers onboard?

Happy customers make good business sense. Not only are satisfied customers less likely to leave you, but they will also be your ambassador too, and, according to Nielsen research**, customers are four times more likely to buy when they’ve been referred by a peer.

Sending customers a tangible welcome pack is the ideal first step to contented customers because it will make them feel special and remind them that they chose your brand because of its attention to detail, efficiency and thoughtfulness. A professional, high quality and personalised welcome pack will help to build a relationship from the outset, one where you clearly value the new client and demonstrate your brand values.

Five ideas to include in a client welcome pack

1. A welcome letter
A letter should be as personal as possible, thanking the customer for choosing your business, setting out what you will deliver and what the benefits will be. This is a good time to eliminate any potential for buyer’s remorse by reassuring them that they’ve made the right choice. You could also add to your brand’s story with snippets about the company history and recent success stories.

Contact details and links to online resources also encourage further engagement and makes communication easy.

2. A gift

The more personal the gift can be the better, but if this isn’t practical then it should be relevant to the brand.

It doesn’t have to be expensive, but a gift should be high quality and thoughtful: a leisure club might include yoga socks, or a catering company might give away meal planners, or ideas for party themes.

3. A business card

Including a high quality, tangible business card creates a quality impression, means contact information is always at hand, and your details can be easily passed on.

4. Useful and inspiring resources

Consider including a team bio with photos and areas of responsibility so your customers become familiar with the team and know who to reach with a particular enquiry.

This is also your opportunity to inspire your customers and excite them by sharing success stories, links to thoughtful leadership pieces or articles on a trending topic.

5. Packaging with the wow factor

Aim for a ‘wow’ with your first impression. Whether you package the welcome pack together in a classy box, a folder with a premium finish, such as digital foil, or an envelope, it should really look top notch and reflect your brand and its values.

As we’ve established, customer spend increases in line with trust and loyalty, so it’s no surprise that we at BISON have seen a rise in high-value new client onboarding packs. Find out what Managing Director, Mark Bidewell, had to say about this trend and his predictions for the future here.

For advice on designing and producing new customer welcome, adoption and loyalty packs, call Mark Bidewell on 01622 677541 or email mark@madebybison.co.uk.


** https://bit.ly/2OPFznD


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