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Print and marketing material

Established in 1980 and seen as the oracle of all things wheel-related Wheelwright is the UK’s favourite alloy & steel wheel supplier. Wheelwright is a time-honoured client, having worked with us for several years.

7Twenty Print Material

BISON has created and printed a vast array of collateral for them, ranging from exhibition graphics to promotional packs made up of brochures, price lists and other leaflet information. This included cover letters, and mailing to Wheelwright’s clients and prospects. 

For their most recent project, Wheelwright required a suite of printed material showcasing their new brand, 7Twenty. They chose a beautiful signature colour which featured prominently throughout the new design, it really made the brand stand out especially amongst their competitors.

7Twenty Brochure Spread 7Twenty Brochure Spread Print For Marketing - 7Twenty Brochure Spread


We had chosen a bright ‘tiffany’ blue/teal colour which, when designed for the web, was fine – however, when it came to print, the colour just would not replicate due to the colour process! The guys at BISON really came to the rescue, working ‘out-of-hours’ to come up with a colour solution as close as possible to our desired finish. Using colour scanning technology to scan the paint colour from the actual product; and some clever spot-colour processing within our design files, the final print colour was as close as you could possibly get.

This dedication, (coupled with Mark’s guidance on paper stock and finishes) lead to BISON delivering a high quality solution for our 7Twenty Brochure and, thanks to getting the colour right, this allowed us to expand the print marketing materials to include banners and vinyl graphics. This new alloy wheel and suspension brand has really taken hold on the European Drift Racing Scene, and BISON definitely contributed to this success.

James Gray, General Manager - Wheelwright

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