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Prowired Rebrand


With an appetite for continuous improvement and growth Prowired were approaching their tenth anniversary and were keen to do things that clearly defined this milestone, including a major make over of the look and feel of the business. 

A relationship built on synergy

After meeting at the Kent Construction Expo, Prowired expressed their frustrations over inconsistent branding and decided they needed a freshen up. After speaking with BISON, they were onboard with the 4-step BISON Blueprint to get a brand they would be proud of.

Define & Create

After hosting a brand workshop where BISON gained a better understanding of Prowired as a business and as people, proposed designs were presented. These offered a ‘safe’ evolution of the currently look as well as ‘radical’ visuals for a complete change. An evolution on the current look was preferred and developed further until the final look was refined. PANTONE numbers were agreed and the project was ready to move into the ‘make’ phase.

Make & Achieve

‘Imagine-it’ super-imposed visuals were drawn up for the HQ signage and the new brand was rolled out to all assets including Business Cards and Brand guidelines.

Following approval of all visuals, the BISON ‘make’ team moved in to deliver on high impact office signage and quality printed assets including Business Cards, Brochures, Exhibition stands and bespoke Sweet Boxes for free giveaways.

The whole process gave Prowired the platform to grow.

We delivered...

  • Office graphics
  • Signage
  • Business cards and stationery
  • Exhibition assets
  • Brochures
  • Brand guidelines
  • Bespoke cut novelty sweet boxes


One day I put all our branded items on a table and they were all different. It was all over the place to be honest. We were already talking to someone else who was going to help us, but they weren’t local and after meeting BISON at the Kent Construction Expo we had great synergy between us.

We found all the team to be very approachable. I’m very straight talking and say what I think, which BISON welcomed and allowed us to have open and honest conversations.

It’s given us a great stepping stone to grow and move forward as a company. It always shocks the director if they’ve got to spend money, but what BISON have brought to us is really cool. It’s made us look more professional – we have new people starting who are seeing what we’re doing and genuinely want to be here to be a part of it. I’m meeting big clients who see what we’ve done and love what we’re about.

The guys who attended site to fit the signage were so good – they really represent BISON and did a great job. They didn’t moan, disturb the office, they just got on with it.

BISON will give you a long term investment. It will give you stature to grow. 

Danny Edmonds
Director, Prowired

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