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Munio Rebrand

Fortified IT & Cyber Security

For over 16 years Computer Rescue have been a trusted name in IT Support in and around South East and London.

As part of a 2021 expansion plan Computer Rescue relocated their headquarters to much larger, modern offices in Faversham. It was a move that would enable them to not only scale-up but provide a resource centre for local businesses and to host business talks and meetings – a strategy also to reposition them as leaders in their industry. 

CEO, Jason Lydford initially reached out to BISON for some ‘Computer Rescue’ branded signage. Having worked with Computer Rescue for many years the company’s impressive evolution and diversification was front of mind – how they had gone from a small reactive ‘man in a van’ business to an organisation that now proactively helps SME’s to operate their IT equipment and infrastructures friction free.

The upshot of all of this – a golden opportunity to review the look and feel of the business. So we invited Jason and the team to go on a BISON Blueprint journey …


This started with a visit to their new offices and a discovery workshop where we gained an even deeper understanding about where the company was and where they wanted to get to. What was comforting was Jason was open to exploring all ideas.


After the workshop, comprehensive research was conducted followed by a brand review presentation a few weeks later. This included a subtle polished version of the existing look as well as a more radical make over full name change to Munio.

Why change the name?

Munio is a Latin word for Secure, Fortify and Protect. The company was a completely different business to when it was created back in 2005 – these three words signified exactly what the company now stood for. They also provoked conversations such as “why Munio” with the translation acting as a rather bold, impressive rational!

In view of the fact Jason was picking the business up, relocating and changing the name completely, there were naturally some concerns. We encouraged Jason to get some consumer feedback (which went very well) as well as comforted him with other brands who successfully took the leap of faith – great examples provided included Google (formerly BackRub) and Nike (formerly Blue Ribbon Sports) – imagine asking them to go back to the old names! Ultimately, pairing the word ‘Munio’ with ‘Fortified IT Support and Cyber Security’ gives a name which tells a story, while also making it completely clear what the business offers.


After serious consideration, Computer Rescue became Munio and the plan that was set out to implement the new branding began. This included branded office graphics, signage, business cards as well as digital assets from email signatures to social media graphics. Everything was consistent and crafted to build recall and confidence in the new brand.


In a world where you can be anything you want to be, Munio became a milestone to signify a good IT company becoming great.


The whole BISON team has been so positive and so motivated and build a very good argument for why you should be doing this. Originally we were just going to update our logo a little bit. A couple of months down the line, we’ve got a new name, new colour, new logo, new features, new everything – all of which supports where we need to be.

As a company who haven’t invested in anything like this before, our initial thought was about the cost element – do we want to spend that much on our brand? But I have to say, it’s worth every penny. 

We presented the ‘Munio’ concept to the team, and everyone just went silent. It’s totally radical, but seeing how it all came together, along with the explanation of what Munio actually stood for, it all clicked. Computer Rescue as a name just didn’t fit with who we are now.

The team at BISON were brilliant. From coming up with the name in the first place, guiding us in the right direction and the guys that came down to install – everyone was brilliant. We were told what was going on at every point, the whole process from start to finish has been brilliant. Couldn’t have asked for it to be any better.

We’ve been in business for a long time, we’ve never had quite the overall quality of what we have right now – if you’re going to do it, do it properly.

We were given time to breathe, think and even change our mind. We didn’t change our mind and I wish we’d done it sooner!

The job was brilliant and the team were fantastic. For us, this is the first big project we’ve done since we started, so this was a big deal for us! One of the biggest takeaways from this was the fact that we knew where we wanted to be. To have that consultancy from BISON to steer us in the right direction was very reassuring. It has put us in the place we need to be able to grow. We’re so happy.

Jason Lydford
CEO, Munio

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