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Over 45 years of excellence (since 1976)
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Firco Group Branding

A trusted name since 1947

Headed up by father and son James and Henry Day, Firco Group is a fourth generation family business all about quality and excellence. From its foundation more than 75 years ago, Firco has built a strong reputation for innovation and diversification in the construction industry, delivering exceptional work whilst embracing and overcoming challenges such as sustainability along the way.

An appetite for growth

Keen to maintain growth, Firco recognised their identity was no longer inline with where they sat in their marketplace; they had outgrown it! In more recent years they had also created subsidiary businesses and wanted to make sure there was a consistent look and feel across the family of companies.

An informal chat with BISON at the Kent Construction Exhibition led to their rebrand journey…

A focus on heritage

Using the BISON BLUEPRINT methodology we discovered it was important to provide a fresh, modern identity for the Firco Group of companies – something that also paid homage to the heritage and traditional values of the company.

BISON produced an icon which is made up of the number ’47’, the year Firco was founded. We retained the original burgundy shade and put it alongside a different colour for each division to both compliment the original colour and subtly differentiate each one.

We delivered...

  • Discovery workshop
  • Brand concepts & prototypes
  • New premium Business Cards
  • Digital assets
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Tender templates


Our brand was old, dated and was in need of refreshing. I met BISON at the Kent Construction Expo a few years ago – everyone on the stand was really friendly and I got a good feeling. A few years on, we returned to the exhibition and BISON was there again and that’s when I decided to get the ball rolling.

When we started the process, I didn’t have any expectations and I wasn’t sure how it was going to go. Now we’re on the other side, I’m really pleased we went through with it. The response from everyone has been really good. I’m really happy with where we are now, it feels a lot more inline with who we are as a company.

We asked BISON to give us a brand that would modernise us while keeping in touch with our heritage. They delivered on this and we’re very happy with where we are. We look forward to continue working with BISON in the future!

Henry Day
Group Operations Director, Firco

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