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CarGurus Top Rated Dealer

Supporting CarGurus® with their UK success

CarGurus®, the online automotive marketplace, created by the co-founder of TripAdvisor, has taken the UK by storm since its UK launch in 2015. Following huge success in the U.S. as the #1 auto shopping site, CarGurus has become the fastest growing car shopping site in the UK*. BISON are proud trusted advisers and enjoy adding value to individual projects to maximise CarGurus’ success.

What we did

From the concept phase, BISON worked with the CarGurus team and designed a more modern take for their 2019 award plaques which had a handy multi-fix solution.

CarGurus showed consideration for their dealerships by supplying a plaque that could either be hung on the wall or stand-up proudly on their reception desk. The award reinforces customer confidence.

BISON created a secure packaging solution to distribute the awards to dealers across the country. The anticipation of opening an intriguing, bulky package was heightened with a personalised digitally foiled ‘congratulations’ card celebrating the dealership’s high rating.

We provided the vehicle for their video shoot day, including the creative design and production of the full wrap, (turning a silver vehicle blue!) to make a big impact and to celebrate the ‘Top Rated Dealer Awards.’

The vehicle made a great focal point for the video and the CarGurus team felt energised and confident when hand delivering the awards.

We delivered:

  • Creative design
  • Fully branded vehicle wrap
  • 1:1 customer care
  • Full colour acrylic plaque with multi-fix solution
  • Personalised digital silver foiled ‘congratulations’ cards
  • Window stickers
  • Mailing solution for plaques

Watch the team in action - click to watch the video!


Big shout out to BISON – thanks again for all your help on this campaign. Having a partner that is so resourceful, creative, able and willing to take on challenges, come up with new ideas and always deliver is just what we need on our continued mission to grow and break into new markets.

Sarah Cunningham
Head of B2B Marketing EU, CarGurus