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The Big Cat Sanctuary Apex Club

The Big Cat Sanctuary’s most premium and exclusive membership

Limited to just one hundred members The Apex Club is for people with a passion to support the Sanctuary at the very highest level.

There are many benefits to being an Apex Club member including exclusive invitations and access to veterinary days, dentistry days and other events throughout the year.

The Brief

Create a sub-brand identity, high-quality tangible assets, and user experience that’s like turning left when you get on the plane!

The Challenge

Deliver a ‘brand within a brand’ that makes members feel exclusive and valued.

The Process

Provide a discovery workshop, design concepts and prototypes, optimising the end-user experience.


  • Discovery workshop:
    – Understand their target market/audience
    – Membership journey/touch points
    – What they’ve tried before, what’s worked/not …
  • Brand concepts and prototypes
  • New ‘premium’ sub-brand identity
  • Limited edition membership card and
    pin badge
  • Photo brochure printed in white ink on black velvet card
  • Custom membership folder (same specs)
  • Black envelopes printed with white ink

The End Result

The packs were printed on black velvety card using only white, cruelty-free, vegan inks. The same level of quality and detail was applied to the pack assets including a photo brochure – the most dramatic images of the cats printed in white ink on the high-end tactile black stock. A limited edition black and silver, enamelled Apex Club pin badge members could wear proudly on their lapels and an exclusive members card.

Our Planet

  • Printed using white, cruelty-free/vegan inks
  • Responsibly sourced FSC certified materials
  • Energy required came from 100% renewable sources – circa 85% direct from our BISON solar panels
  • Waste created was minimal, zero went to landfill, 100% was recycled


The Apex Club is our most premium membership – an opportunity to be in an exclusive club of only 100 members.

The membership packs are what people receive as a first impression, so they need to reflect this level of quality and excellence. They also needed to be sustainably and ethically produced to stay aligned with our values.

Many people have commented on the quality of the membership packs and it’s lovely to see our members wearing with pride their exclusive members badges.

Something that really stood out was the dramatic white ink printed photos of the cats onto the black card including a hero image of Kasanga (I mean, he’s the king after all!).

The finished product far exceeded our expectations; the final presentation, the finish on the brochure, and the way that it all sat together – it needed to be good, but this was first class.

Tanith Brown
Partnerships Co-ordinator, The Big Cat Sanctuary

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