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Veganuary 2022 at BISON – DONE!

As a company that is very conscious of the planet, well-being and animal welfare we thought we’d put it out to the team to take on a challenge – Veganuary 2022. The response was amazing with over 83% signing up immediately and no less than 100% completing the challenge!

This is something truly remarkable, something we are very proud to have played a part in.

 This Veganuary over 600k people signed up – that’s up an epic 50% on last year and team BISON and friends were are part of that!

What we enjoyed…

  • Handmade Vegan soap made by Charlie
  • Luxury ‘Beyond Baking’ Cakes delivered to us from Jenny (Kai’s better half)
  • BISON Planet WhatsApp group sharing meal ideas, lightbulb moments and shock ‘penny-drop’ moments
  • Vegan Krispy Kremes from the Boss
  • Random ‘new out’ treats for one another – Vegan Philadelphia, Pukka pies, naughty cakes/sweets
  • Having a McPlant together
  • Treated to a Vegan Wagamama lunch by a client
  • Experimenting with different luxury coffees and plant based milks

Some of the positive game changers …

“I felt less sluggish/bloated”

“I really enjoyed soy milk, I’ll be using that instead in future!”

“I’ve just had the Waggamma Tofu Firecracker again, loved it” (thank you James from @TLS)

“I didn’t realise the amount of things that are actually Vegan”

Normalising ‘Vegan’

Love or hate the word ‘Vegan’ there’s no hiding the fact that the name is starting to pop up pretty much everywhere – only this week Ricky Gervais joined the World’s sexiest man, Brad Pitt, to announce he’s Vegan.

The term ‘Vegan’ is becoming much more normalised now. Take Forest Green Rovers, the most sustainable UK football club – they now have a 100% vegan menu and Premier League clubs are also pushing this. Just recently John Barnes and Razor Ruddock toured matches pushing the Quorn Vegan pies and Chelsea vs Spurs did a full vegan match as an awareness and to try and hit net zero carbon.

Only 1%?!

Interestingly the world population is only circa 1% vegan, so why are so many brands pushing to transition to 100% Vegan?

And it’s not just in the food industry either. For example new luxury brand makers including BMW and Mercedes are moving to vegan leather interiors (Tesla now are 100% as is the Ford E Mustang), most perfumes and cosmetics are vegan – even vegan brand Beyond Meat have confessed to their customer base being 93% NOT VEGAN!

The reality is for a mix of many reasons the vast majority of the world’s population are wanting to do their bit and support change. This is something we as a company and as individuals want to play a part in our industry to support.

What it means for BISON®

Right now at BISON we are producing Vegan point of sale material for cosmetic brands, doing a direct mail campaign for Vegan vitamin jellies and working through a vegan full brand creation to name but a few.

Not only do we supply products and services for these great companies, but we have also taken it upon ourselves to make sure that as standard our products and services we create, make and deliver are of Vegan/ethical and sustainable origins.

We have reframed how we think about helping climate change – we see it as an adventure, something we get to play a part in solving. Offering desirable, quality and/or luxury goods from us without unnecessary pain and suffering is just one of the many challenges we have enjoyed working on.

Thank you Veganuary!

Veganuary has been a vital part in this journey – we have had fun trying new things, not liking some but loving others. The upshot all of us have become more aware of the foods, materials and products we consume and the impact they are having (good and bad).

The great bit – we have made even further positive changes, including stocking Oreos as standard at BISON (they’re ‘accidentally’ Vegan) and Matt vowing to only ever to have Vegan chicken dippers from Dominos now!

Find out more about Veganuary and the BISON Planet initiative.


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