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Created a COVID-safe environment for returning visitors to The Big Cat Sanctuary

COVID-19 cleaning station for The Big Cat Sanctuary that was Made By Bison

In recent preparation for the reopening of The Big Cat Sanctuary, BISON helped our friends (and their guests) feel comforted and safe by creating bespoke branded BISON ZF40 Cleaning Stations and COVID graphics.

About BISON ZF40 Cleaning Stations

It has become apparent during the pandemic that demand for both sanitisation and sustainability are at an all-time high. COVID graphics are now everywhere and there is a risk that you cannot see the wood for the trees.

We produced consolidated, convenient, central locations that brought together several COVID requirements including, cleaning/disinfecting surfaces easily, sanitising hands and providing track & trace points for visitors – without impacting the environment!

For example, the BISON ZF40 Cleaning Stations have easily accessible recycled paper tissues (not wipes) and re-fillable spray bottles that overcome the burden of one-time-use plastic. They encourage people to regularly spray and clean surfaces and be sparing with the tissues (paper on a roll tends to get used by the metre vs the sheet!)


Provide environmentally friendly, attention-grabbing, action-orientated graphics and cleaning stations, including:

  • A refillable hand sanitiser bottle
  • A refillable cleaning spray bottle (with 40:1 COVID cleaning refill preventing 27x replacement bottles going to landfill/the ocean)
  • Paper towels (economical, practical)
  • A contained area that has clear identifiers to ensure stocked at all times
  • Bright, eye-catching design for clear visibility


“We are over the moon; this gives everyone the security they need to have when coming for an experience at The Big Cat Sanctuary. It gives the impression of everyone being in a safe environment and that we have taken this pandemic seriously.”

Tanith Brown
Press & PR Officer – The Big Cat Sanctuary

To make your premises COVID-secure, call BISON on 01622 677541 or email hello@madebybison.co.uk


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