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Brand evolution – why it’s good for business 

The world’s best-known brands constantly evolve over time by applying subtle changes to their visual marketing. This keeps communication fresh, relevant and in tune with current trends and customer expectations. Evolution like this ensures that brands maintain their visual appeal without losing the essence that makes them well loved in the first place.

Here’s how a few of our BISON brand heroes have evolved their branding …



Google rose to global success because of its superior customer experience, its reputation as a great employer, a strong company culture and efficient and pioneering processes. Its distinctive logo is an important tool for conveying all of these values with the colours representing traits such as precision, uniqueness and growth. Google has tweaked its iconic, but simple, logo over the years, mainly making changes to the shadow effects, whilst it has worked on every element of the customer experience so that all elements convey the same message.



With the retail trade undergoing a period of transformation, Waitrose is evolving its brand so that it can differentiate its offering in a fiercely competitive market. In 2018, it set about changing its image by focusing on core customers, raising quality and using its advertising to inspire bundled purchases with easy-to-cook recipe ideas.



Lego, the world’s largest toy brand, has kept itself as relevant today as it was back in the pre-digital age by constantly innovating and finding new applications. One of the first brick toys back in the 1960s was a town plan used to educate children about road safety, but Lego has taken a giant leap forward to offer innovative movie ranges, such as Star Wars.

Also key to their success is their understanding that their customers are looking for novelty – 25-30% of their sales come from new products*. Lego’s competition comes not just from other toy manufacturers but from other demands on children’s time – to stay relevant Lego has developed an online community of 6m members.*


 BISON’s brand evolutions  

As you can see from the refreshed brands pictured here, subtle steps forward can really help a brand to sharpen up its image without losing its core unique qualities.

When we refresh a brand the changes we make might include:

  • A simplification of the logo icon to modernise a minimalist design
  • A new, contemporary font for a fresh, on-trend image
  • A  revamped  colour palette  that  either reflects  new values and messages, or keeps  the logo in tune with the  zeitgeist


Work with BISON 

We get to know our clients’ brands quickly and painlessly. Our first step is always to diagnose before recommending a course of action, using THE BISON  BLUEPRINT: a simple four-step process to check whether a brand – and supporting assets – are in alignment with desired positioning, or aspirational place, in the market space.

We’ll only suggest change if it is justified and ideally any improvements are an evolution – and we’ll only ever recommend something radical if subtle is not good enough.

See more of our brand evolution success stories here. Feeling inspired? Call Managing  Director, Mark  Bidewell, on 01622 677541 or email  mark@madebybison.co.uk for an informal chat .


*Lego marketing strategy


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