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We’re taking to the skies to raise funds for The Big Cat Sanctuary!

We are proud to announce our funding promise to raise £5,000 in 2019 in support of Kent-based charity for wild cats, The Big Cat Sanctuary. We were so inspired during our work on the charity’s rebranding that we’ve even pledged to take a parachute jump as a key part of our fundraising efforts this year.

Introducing The Big Cat Sanctuary

The Big Cat Sanctuary, a fellow local and family-run organisation, is set in the heart of the Kent countryside in Smarden. The peaceful location provides the ideal conditions to achieve the charity’s objectives of welfare, breeding, education and conservation. The sanctuary is home to over 50 cats and 14 different species. These include lions, tigers, leopards, jaguars, snow leopards and cheetah.

Why we’ve chosen them as our charity of the year

Managing Director, Mark Bidewell, explains, “The Big Cat Sanctuary has been present in one way or another most of my life. I used to pass the sanctuary every day as a child, I was always intrigued by the work they did and fascinated by the idea of exotic big cats being nurtured here, in the heart of Kent, but the charity’s impact reaching around the globe.”

A growing relationship

In 2016, the charity approached us to work on a new brand identity for them. Mark continues, “I can honestly say that the entire team immersed themselves completely in the project, even more so than usual. We led with our hearts because the conservation work they do is so vital, and we wanted to contribute to that.”

The new logo and guidelines rolled out to literature and signage, appeared on a BBC documentary series and later this year will be splashed across Formula E racing cars.  Developments that didn’t seem possible to the sanctuary just a few short years ago.

Director of Big Cats and Conservation, Giles Clark, says, BISON have supported and assisted The Big Cat Sanctuary through a phenomenal transition of being a small charity hidden in the Kent countryside to a well-known organisation, raising both awareness and money for conservation initiatives around the globe. We’re delighted that this partnership with BISON will raise vital funds for the conservation work of the sanctuary and its partners.”

Fundraising activities

Previously, our half-marathon fundraiser netted £1,075, and we now intend to build on that in 2019 with activities including the London-to-Brighton bike ride. Mark, Jenna and Kai will also be taking to the skies, as Mark explains, “The charity has such a special place in our hearts that we’re going to find the courage to take part in a parachute jump as part of our fundraising promise of £5,000.”

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