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Touchshield™, 99% bacteria & 93.41% virus protection

Extended Roll Of TouchShield Tape

99% protection against bacteria and 93.41% against viruses … new state of the art antibacterial and anti-viral protective film for surfaces, now available from BISON

Produced in the UK, Touchshield™ is a range of protective, antimicrobial, self-adhesive film products that have been designed to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses.

It has been designed for flawless integration into any commercial, medical, retail or hospitality environment where the cross-contamination of bacteria and viruses can occur.

Primarily comprised of a clear, watermarked film, Touchshield™ has a specially developed germ fighting top coating that utilises silver ion technology and offers up to 99% protection against bacteria (ISO 22196 certified) and 93.41% against viruses (ISO 21702 certified).

It can be easily installed, bubble free, to everyday items such as handrails, work stations and desks; to create safe, clean and COVID secure surfaces and environments.

For more info or to discuss how we can help make your work environment safe for returning team members, call BISON on 01622 677541 or email hello@madebybison.co.uk


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