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Four ways to use office décor to boost your brand’s performance

Stylish branded office décor and signage can have a dramatic effect on business performance because of its influence on team productivity, well-being and the first impressions of clients when they walk through the doors.

The experience of working in an office that has a contemporary and thoughtful décor can make all the difference to your team’s happiness at work. And, because the décor reflects the brand’s personality, a smart office space has the double function of immersing employees in the company culture, which should leave them feeling proud to be part of the team and excellent brand ambassadors.

Office décor can also provide reassurance to visitors, whether they’re clients, suppliers or job candidates, their experience will be improved by an impressive space. A visit to your office is another step in their brand journey, so it pays to keep the office presentation consistent with the way the brand conveys itself to the outside world.

Here are our tips on using office décor and signage to your advantage:

1. Feature walls

Feature walls transform blank, plain spaces into colourful, branded and professionally defined areas that make a statement.

They can create an ambience with a clean, contemporary design, or reinforce your brand values with inspiring images and quotes that will fit into all kinds of hard-to-fill spaces.

2. Pop-up banners

Pop-up banners can create a flexible back-drop to smaller spaces, subtly conceal storage areas or create defined spaces in an open-plan office. The banners also have the versatility to be stored and used at events, functions and exhibitions.

3. Coordinated signage

It’s possible to extend the impact of a feature wall by carrying the brand throughout the office. This can be done using directional wayfind signage, door signs and accent furniture to name but a few.

Consider what impression you want to make and reflect it in your designs, for example, you might want to create depth using acrylic lettering or make a space ‘pop’ with specialist finishes.

4. Window graphics

Create a sense of privacy while supporting your brand using window graphics to segregate a space, whether it be fully frosted, or your logo in contour cut vinyl.



“We chose BISON to create a broad range of internal and external signage, as well as creating key feature and statement walls within the Maidstone Link.

This recently refurbished space is home to a variety of key services for residents. The colours, key images and designs used help to create a dynamic and vibrant environment for employees, whilst reflecting a calm and pleasing space in which services could be accessed.

BISON were able to offer advice and solutions to overcome numerous challenges, whilst working to pressing time constraints.

The commitment and dedication to the project from BISON was evident and all work was delivered to an exceptionally high standard with care, respect and attention to detail.”

Marketing & Communications
Maidstone Borough Council


Discover how office décor can transform your workplace and boost your brand. For an informal chat, call Managing Director Mark Bidewell on 01622 677541 or email mark@madebybison.co.uk.


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