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Five Ways To Boost Revenue With Signage

If your customer base passes your business every day, why spend out on an advertising campaign with a limited shelf life?

Signage is the lowest hanging fruit in marketing terms, yet it is often overlooked as a marketing tool.

Good signage can be seen by your target customers passing your business as many as 365 days a year. This means it works harder and harder for you as time goes by, building recall and consumer confidence in your brand.

With the right design and placement, your signage could raise your business’s awareness, draw in new customers and reduce your advertising expenditure – all in one go.

Here are our five steps to effective signage.

1. Be consistent

It takes sheer persistence to build brand recognition and consistency is key. If your signage is in line with your other branding it will help to reinforce your marketing message. If customers pass a well-placed sign with strong, standout branding then this will start to lodge in their brains and before long they won’t be driving by, but driving in.

To stay consistent, use the same logo, font, colours and voice. It might sound obvious but it’s often easy to forget that signage is a marketing asset that can bring you a ROI.

2. Send the right message

When putting together a design brief, consider what messages you want your branding to convey. The design, photography and even the materials used for the signage itself can be used to reflect your positioning, whether that’s a premium offering, speed, trust or innovation.

3. Keep it simple

An image can speak a thousand words. Take our client The Big Cat Sanctuary – everything this charity does to care for its animals is wrapped up in the confident, proud stride of the tiger. It’s worth investing in imagery – professional photography, design or illustration – to tell your brand’s story (we can help you with this too).

Equally, striking typography and effective language can also be clear, and importantly memorable.

The question is, which approach is best for your brand? These are all key decisions for your signage design brief and it comes back to your marketing objectives. Will you use an image? Do you simply want to make a strong branding impression, or do you also want to include a call to action?

4. Use signage to support campaigns

Temporary signage is an effective way to support your marketing campaigns and at the same time reinforce the branding of your permanent signage. Consider temporary signage such as hoarding, banners, window graphics, decals and posters which can promote your current message whilst helping you to make a splash.

5. Consider interior signage

Continue the brand experience whilst customers and visitors are onsite. Consistently branded windows, walls and floor graphics – can create the right impression and strengthen your branding in the office, showroom, shop floor, front of house and visitor attractions.

Why not take a look at more success stories to find out how we’ve helped local businesses take their brands to new heights?

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